Tuesday, December 11, 2007

South Ogden City Employee of the Year

Marci Edwards has been selected as the 2007 Employee of the Year for South Ogden City. Marci works in the Public Safety Department as a Special Functions Officer. She wears many hats as far as responsibilities are concerned, but has proven to be proficient in all her job duties.

Each year South Ogden employees are allowed to nominate a fellow employee for Employee of the Year. Once we've received all the nominees then a panel consisting of the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and Department Heads vote on who they think the Employee of the Year should be. The employee chosen is then honored at the city's year-end holiday banquet.

Fortunately South Ogden City has alot of employees that we can be proud of. These employees give alot of effort to help the operations of the city run smoothly. They take pride in providing services to people and to assist citizens as needed. Most of the time the accomplishments of individuals don't make the "headlines", but it's all the little things that are accomplished that make the city run as well as it does.

Thanks to the employees of South Ogden City and congratulations to Marci Edwards on being chosen as the 2007 Employee of the Year.