Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Splash Pad is Open

The South Ogden City Splash Pad is now open for the summer! The pad is located at the South Ogden Nature Park which is directly south of the Ogden Athletic Club. There is no charge to come and play at the splash pad.

The splash pad will be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It will be running seven days a week from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. If you are at the pad between those hours and the water isn't turned on then rub your hand across the activation bollard located on the northeast side of the pad. It should get the water running. It will shut off after it runs through its cycle. If it ends and you want to play some more then just touch the pad again and it should start up for you.

Rules to the splash pad will be posted on the restrooms. We ask that these rules are strictly observed for health and safety reasons. We think that this splash pad will be heavily used on hot days so we ask everyone to be respectful of one anothers space.

Please come and enjoy with the whole family!

Thank You to Pride Day Helpers

Thanks to those that took some time out of the busy schedules on May 17th to come to the Nature Park and help clean it up. We had about 30-40 people show up and we spent two hours cleaning up the gully and around the first phase of the park.

We filled numerous trash bags and hauled a lot of junk. We even took care of some dyers woad that was growing around the park. As a reward we turned on the splash pad to cool off after a hot morning of work.

We hope to make this a tradition and continue to build on our community pride. In order for us to have a great looking city it takes a lot of effort from those that live in it.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why does the City do a Newsletter?

What's the South Ogden City Sound and what is its purpose? The South Ogden City Sound is the monthly newsletter that you receive in your utility bill every month. The newsletter was named by local elementary student Spencer Holdaway in a contest held two years ago.

The newsletter is one way for a city to communicate information to its residents. The front page is written by either an elected official (Mayor or Council member) or one the Executive Staff of the City (City Manager, Public Safety Director, Public Works Director, etc.).

The second page usually consists of a business spotlight for a South Ogden business and a listing of new businesses that have recently opened in our city. We also have regular messages from the South Ogden Senior Center.

Some of the more important information comes from individual departments in the city. The building inspection department could have a message about building sheds or fences on your property. The Recreation Department could have the latest sign-up dates for the sports that are in season. Public Works could have warnings that will help keep you out of trouble for issues such as storm drain regulations or on-street parking during the winter.

Public Safety could have a note or two about fire safety or ways to prevent crime in your neighborhood. These pointers are generated from observations made by public safety officials to give you a "heads up" on how to prevent them. Overall these boxes of information are to help you as a citizen stay in compliance with city regulations for the safety and well-being of all of our citizens.

The back page usually promotes the next upcoming event sponsored by the City. Your latest newsletter will have the full page dedicated to South Ogden Days. Past issues have promoted the Easter Egg Hunt or the City Old-Fashioned Family Holiday.

Remember that the South Ogden City Sound is just one form of communicating with our citizens. We have worked hard on getting all this information and more on our South Ogden City Website located at http://www.southogdencity.com/. We see that in the future a lot of our communication to our citizens will be through electronic media. Until that time please enjoy your monthly copy of the South Ogden City Sound.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

South Ogden Off-Leash Dog Area

Last night the South Ogden City Council unanimously approved of an off-leash dog area at the south end of Club Heights Park. The off-leash area will be fenced and will have rules governing the use of the area.

The off-leash area won't officially open until approximately June 9 so we ask dog owners not to allow dogs off-leash until we officially open the park. When the City gets closer to completing the park area we will announce an official open date and have a ribbon cutting ceremony.

We are attempting to keep this off-leash area for local use. We will allow anyone who has a licensed dog (by South Ogden or another jurisdiction) to use the park. However the off-leash area is about two acres and too many dogs could cause problems. As other cities open off-leash parks we anticipate the use of our park to decrease. Until that time we want to avoid the problems of overcrowding.

We hope that citizens look at this area as a privilege and work to abide by all the park rules. We want to provide a safe and fun venue for our citizens and their dogs.

Friday, May 2, 2008

New Trees at the Nature Park

South Ogden City would like to thank Corey Combe of Combe's Tree Farm for donating about $20,000 worth of trees to the city for the Nature Park. The trees were part of Phase 2 to be completed this summer, but because of his generous donation we are able to put them in this spring.

This in turn will save the city some money as we prepare to start Phase 2. Bidding will start soon and construction should start in the early part of summer. Phase 2 consists mainly of a trail that will extend through the south end of the park. It will also include some more trees, sidewalk and minor upgrades to Phase 1 of the park.

If you haven't had a chance to check out the park, go do it! The address is 5874 S. 1175 E. which is just south of the Ogden Athletic Club.

Don't forget South Ogden Pride Day coming up on May 17th from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. It will be a two hour service project which will include clean-up of the south end of the park. We hope lots of people join us as we prepare the park for Phase 2.

Also, stay tuned for an announcement of the Grand Opening of the Splash Pad at the Nature Park. We'll be making one shortly.