Friday, March 28, 2008

South Ogden Easter Egg Hunt

Who Needs a Vacuum Cleaner?
Another year and another successful Easter Egg Hunt. Once again we had hundreds of kids (approximately 600-700) show up to gather their year's supply of Easter candy. Just a reminder for next year: Don't be late!!!!! It's over in less than a minute.

We'd like to thank all those that helped stuff Easter eggs in preparation for this event. Over a three day period we had over 200 hundred volunteers help get every little piece of candy into every egg we had.

After their three days worth of effort we had 25,000 Easter eggs ready for consumption. A big thanks goes out to the volunteers that helped set out all of those eggs which included our very own South Ogden Youth Council.

Just from my personal observation everyone got to take home plenty of eggs. It was fun to see smiles everywhere as everyone was taking to the eggs like a bandit to its loot.

Thanks to Christy Love and other South Ogden City staff who put this together. It really is a well-run event. We hope to continue that again next year.

Please check out the remaining photos taken at the park.

Signing up for the Free Prize

What's Everybody in Line For?

Ah Yes, the Easter Bunny, Of Course

I Thought Easter Was Supposed to be Warm