Wednesday, May 7, 2008

South Ogden Off-Leash Dog Area

Last night the South Ogden City Council unanimously approved of an off-leash dog area at the south end of Club Heights Park. The off-leash area will be fenced and will have rules governing the use of the area.

The off-leash area won't officially open until approximately June 9 so we ask dog owners not to allow dogs off-leash until we officially open the park. When the City gets closer to completing the park area we will announce an official open date and have a ribbon cutting ceremony.

We are attempting to keep this off-leash area for local use. We will allow anyone who has a licensed dog (by South Ogden or another jurisdiction) to use the park. However the off-leash area is about two acres and too many dogs could cause problems. As other cities open off-leash parks we anticipate the use of our park to decrease. Until that time we want to avoid the problems of overcrowding.

We hope that citizens look at this area as a privilege and work to abide by all the park rules. We want to provide a safe and fun venue for our citizens and their dogs.