Friday, July 11, 2008

Nature Park- Phase II Update

I just got back from walking through the area where our new 12' asphalt trail will be laid this fall. The area has been staked out and they should start grading in the trail in the next two weeks.

This trail is going to be awesome! As it winds through the gully it will be scenic, it will have some trees for shade on parts of the trail, and it should have character. This will be quite a bit different than walking around the track at the local high school.

We are also grading in a couple of "nature" trails that will only be 4' wide and won't be paved. These nature trails will give those a little more adventurous a chance to see other parts of the park. They could also be popular for kids that are riding their bikes.

Once again these trails won't be ready until the fall, but it was exciting to finally get a visual of what this park can become.