Friday, October 10, 2008

Nature Park Trail Paved

The Nature Park Trail has been paved and is ready for people to use. The 12' wide asphalt trail has three trail heads leading into the main loop of the trail. Two of the trail heads start from residential areas that surround the park. The other trail head originates at the Nature Park.

The Nature Park trail head is still not complete. We're waiting on a permit that is necessary to extend pave our trail over a buried water line. Once the permit is granted we will finish that part of the trail.

Some people have asked how long the trail is. If you don't count the trail heads, the main loop is 4546' for one trip around it. That is .87 miles.

We'll eventually have some signs at each of the trail heads that will have that type of information about the trail. It will also remind people that we don't allow motorized vehicles on the trail nor off-leash dogs.

We also have a few "nature" trails that are 4' wide trails. These trails aren't paved and are great for those that would like to do more hiking. They are more rugged and steep. They are also well suited for someone that wants to take a mountain bike on them.

From my observations we've already have had a lot of people come and try out the trail. For those that haven't had the chance please come and enjoy it before winter sets in. It's a beautiful spot for a trail.