Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Joint Press Release

South Ogden City is planning on a joint facility with Weber School District for some additional gym space for our recreational programs. I sent a press release to the newspaper last week, but they haven't put it in the paper yet. So I'll post a copy of the press release here on the blog.

Weber School District and South Ogden City
Joint Press Release

Weber School District and South Ogden City will join together in helping create more recreation opportunities for their constituents and maximizing taxpayer dollars as the new South Ogden Junior High is constructed in South Ogden. The joint venture will create more gym space that will be utilized by the school district during the day and by South Ogden City in the evening for their recreation programs.

“We feel this is a great use of taxpayer money to serve the needs of two government entities by building one facility instead of two” said George Garwood, South Ogden Mayor. “This facility is needed to handle the growth of our youth and adult recreation programs. We see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Weber School District anticipates completion of the new junior high by August 2010 and an interlocal agreement will be made that outlines the time that each entity will use the facility. This is a joint use model that Davis School District has used with cities such as Layton and Clearfield.

“This partnership is a win-win situation to all involved.” said Jerry
DeGroot, Weber School Board President. “The result will be a facility
that provides expanded educational and recreational opportunities at a
cost savings to taxpayers.”

Weber School District has already secured the funding for the new junior high. South Ogden City will implement a slight property tax increase in order to fund their portion of the project.

The new junior high is located south of H. Guy Child Elementary School and will be annexed into South Ogden City.