Friday, January 18, 2008

State Legislature- Soon to be in Session

The Utah State Legislature is scheduled to begin again on Monday, January 21st. This is an important time for South Ogden City as decisions made on the state level can have a serious impact on our ability to provide services to our residents.

South Ogden's two main revenue sources are sales tax and property tax. Because the State has the ability to change how these revenue streams are allocated we keep a close eye on the rumblings up on "The Hill".

South Ogden belongs to the Utah League of Cities and Towns (ULCT) which is an organization that helps protect the best interests of municipalities in the state. ULCT has a Legislative Policy Committee that helps shape the policies and issues that arise in dealing with the legislature. South Ogden City has three representatives that sit on the Legislative Policy Committee. They are Mayor George Garwood, Councilmember Vickie Mattson and City Manager Scott Darrington.

This committee normally meets monthly except when the legislature is in session. Then it's a weekly meeting. The committee looks at all the bills that affect municipalities and then supports, opposes or remains neutral on the bills depending on its impact on local government. This can lead to frustration at times as all bills don't help our cause. But we are actively pursuing the things that best help our city.

Our state representatives for South Ogden City are Representative LaWanna (Lou) Shurtliff and Senator Jon Greiner. Rep. Shurtliff is a retired school teacher and Sen. Greiner is the current Police Chief of Ogden City. You can see their profiles and contact information at this website:

Utah State Legislature Home Page