Friday, February 15, 2008


You may have heard of RAMP, but have always wondered what it is. RAMP is an acronym for Recreation Arts Museums and Parks. RAMP is a tax that was passed a couple years ago by Weber County voters to add an additional 1/10 of 1 cent on the sales tax. This money is specifically earmarked for RAMP activities.

RAMP generates roughly $3 million dollars a year. Since it is a county-wide tax it is distributed to various entities throughout the county. Cities are one of the main recipients of these funds. For more information on RAMP you can click here.

Every city in Weber County receives a minimum of $5,000 for parks and recreation projects. If your city is over 5,000 people then you receive $1 per resident. The last couple of years South Ogden City has received roughly $15,000 each year. We have used this money to upgrade two baseball fields at Friendship Park. The money we will receive this year is earmarked to upgrade our baseball field at Club Heights Park.

In 2006 South Ogden received over $150,000 that went towards Phase 1 of the South Ogden Nature Park. Below are some pictures as to what that money was used for:

South Ogden Nature Park Small Tot-Lot and Bowery

South Ogden Nature Park Large Tot-Lot

The city also used some of this money for a restroom as well. Because of RAMP funds the city was able to move the project up a whole year which saved us money because of the ever rising costs of construction.

South Ogden City has applied for $275,000 of 2008 RAMP monies for Phase 2 of the Nature Park. The total cost of this phase is $550,000. The city already has the $275,000 match ready to go.

Phase 2 of the Nature Park is mainly a 12' asphalt trail that extends just south of the "traditional" aspects of the park. It will also allow for some trees and other things to be added to Phase 1. This trail will give residents a paved surface in which they can walk, jog, or bike. The trail will wind up through the gully just north of Brier Pointe subdivision.

The city should know by mid-March whether we have received the funding or not. We are keeping our fingers crossed that we'll be able to complete Phase 2 this summer.