Monday, August 25, 2008

1550 East Project Completed

Many of you probably don't know where 1550 East is in South Ogden. But if you were given different coordinates then you would probably recognize it.

1550 East is where Harrison Blvd. and Highway 89 (Washington Blvd.) intersect in the southeastern part of South Ogden. It is where Kobe Restaurant is located as well as the new 5 story building that is going up. It is sometimes referred to as "Green's Junction" supposedly after some Highway Patrolman who had a couple of car accidents up there or so the South Ogden lore says. If someone is familiar with the "Green's Junction" story, please share it with us in the comments section.

If you were to drive straight south on Harrison Blvd. through this intersection, you would drive onto 1550 East. This road serves the Village Inn/Wal-Mart/Costa Vida commercial development, various medical and dental plazas, and the residential area including the Falls Apartments.

The issue with the road was traffic leaving (heading north) on 1550 E. to either access Harrison Blvd. or Highway 89. This traffic was often backed up and only continued to worsen as more development occurred. Last week we (in conjunction with UDOT) put in an extra lane of traffic on 1550 E. to help move the traffic through quicker. From my untrained eye it seems to be working pretty well. For anybody that works or lives up there and has to access 1550 E., it should be a nice improvement to the flow of traffic.