Thursday, August 7, 2008

Library Walkway

You've probably noticed the new library in town that is being constructed on Adams Avenue across from Ogden Regional Hospital. At the city, we get asked about it all the time. Maybe I can clarify a couple of things.

1) The new library is being constructed by Weber County. On your property tax notice you pay an earmarked amount that goes into the library system. Because Weber County is overseeing the project, the City doesn't know about their completion schedule.

I have had a chance to tour the facility recently. Once it is done it will be a very nice facility. It is also being constructed to be a "green" facility. They are taking a lot of measures to make it energy efficient. Once the building is finished it will be a nice asset to South Ogden and southern Weber County.

2) The new library is actually in Washington Terrace city limits. It sits on the border of South Ogden and Washington Terrace. In fact directly to the east of the library is our Public Works shops. Even though this library is not in our city limits it is still in a great location for access for our residents.

Speaking of access, the city will be constructing a walkway from Friendship Park to the new library. The access will run along the northern boundary of our Public Works shops and it will be a fenced in path so that people won't "accidentally" end up wondering around our public works grounds. It will be closed during the winter, but will be a nice access for those that live near Friendship Park that want to walk to the library instead of driving.

As a city we look forward to the new library. If you seek further information about it I suggest you call Weber County and they can give you the latest news.