Friday, August 1, 2008

Minor Change to Recycling Pick-up Schedule

In order to accommodate Waste Management in their quest to help keep fuel costs lower, we will be making a minor change to the recycling pick-up schedule.

First of all, keep in mind that the day your recycle is picked up is not going to change. If your garbage is picked up on Friday, your recycle will continue to be picked up on Friday. Also, your recycle will still be continued to be picked up every other week.

What is changing is the week that your recycle is picked up. Starting the week of August 18th-August 22nd, all recycle in the whole city will be picked up that week on your normal pick-up day. This will continue every other week. For some residents you will have you recycle picked up the previous week and then again the week of the 18th-22nd. For others you won't see a change at all in the pick-up of your recycle.

For a new schedule of the recycle pick up and a guide as to what you can put in the recycle bin please click on the following link:

New Recycle Schedule

Please call us at 622-2704 if you have any questions about the new schedule.