Friday, August 22, 2008

Splash Pad Last Day is September 1st

The Splash Pad at the Nature Park will officially close for the year on Tuesday, September 2nd. Monday, September 1st will be the last day that it is open. It will open back up on Memorial Day next year.

Due to some drainage issues out at the Splash Pad we will be doing some minor work on the pad after we close it for the year. You'll see those changes when you came back next year. We are hoping to continue to make it better to serve the community.

Overall we feel the Splash Pad has been a huge success. We realize that we've had people from all over the county and neighboring counties that have been using the pad. I have talked to a couple of communities that have seen the success of our Splash Pad and they are now considering doing one themselves. Once other communities get their own splash pad's it will thin out the crowds at ours in South Ogden.

Until then we welcome all who want to come out for a little relief from the summer heat.